Life Coaching

Changes After A Week Of The New Schedule

After blogging about my frustrations and realisations last week, It appears in the week just gone, much has changed.

So what’s changed exactly?

I’ve religiously stuck to my own new mind/body/soul workout schedule
The day-to-day training from the school has become more physically demanding
I’ve made some progress in learning to meditate
I can be understood more with my mandarin
My outlook on the art here has widened


My Realisation About A Dangerous Habit

Towards the middle of last week, I was feeling a bit disappointed with the school and the teachings. I felt frustrated by repeating the same stuff (even though I was fully prepared that this is likely to happen and didn’t want to admit it) and I felt time was being wasted in-between the tougher training sessions. Having a couple of sessions rained off and others that were shorter than normal didn’t help. I thought I’d try to consider why I was frustrated. I sat down and structured all my thoughts on paper, so I could go to the guys here and speak to them. By the end of trying to get my head round it, I realised I was making a far-reaching mistake.
The short version is that, I realised I was making excuses for my own lack of motivation and blaming others for it. I decided to arrange a new schedule going forwards.
The detailed version is described below… […]

Being Inspired & Inspiring Others

The overwhelming takeaway from the London 2012 Olympics for me, has been the way so many people have been inspired by watching the athletes compete. Seeing people who have dedicated lifetimes of practice, isolation and focus is such a powerful motivation. My friend described how he threw on his shoes and went for a run after seeing Mo Farah win two gold medals, smashing his personal best. Others have described how they’ve taken up some of the niche sports they’ve watched. Many of these athletes we see took inspiration from athletes of the past, made small steps, made themselves a commitment, achieved something great, then paved the way for the ones of the future.

However, the problem with being inspired by an end result, is that the effects peter out over time if you don’t continually tend towards making it happen. However small those steps are, the momentum is often the most important factor.

People have been known to write a Bucket List (a list of X number of things to do before they die). I found, the problem with just writing a Bucket List, is that it typically gets written once, gets tucked away in a draw and represents a list of things from one point in time.

Here’s my version, that’s fun and effective that I’d like to share…