Reflections on my Last 5 Months of Travel

As I travelled through Asia, I scribbled down various thoughts and feelings and collated them into a set of reflections on my last 5 months of travel in this post.
Some on travelling generally, photography, life, volunteering, my old day-to-day life, blogging, love and country specifics. […]

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    Rio de Janeiro – A City where Poverty, Indulgence, Crime, Celebration, Beauty, Passion and Future all Live in a Strange Harmony

Rio de Janeiro – A City where Poverty, Indulgence, Crime, Celebration, Beauty, Passion and Future all Live in a Strange Harmony

When I booked my ticket to South America, my first stop was going to be Rio de Janeiro. I was confident it was a good place to start, but I didn’t know exactly what to expect. 
Why did i think it was a good place to start?
Like Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro and another couple of cities in South America have the cheapest flights in and out of London. Those included Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Santiago and Lima. After looking at the different weather for the countries I wanted to visit and how they could broadly fit together, I realised Brazil would be in good weather and would deteriorate over time. With the country in the midst of carnaval celebrations, I also thought it would be high on most backpackers lists, so plenty of like-minded travellers to bump into in the hostels and overlap journeys with. So with weather, a solid backpacker trail to start on and cheap flights, it became my first destination. […]

5 Reasons Why I’m Flying Home to London

After 5 months on the road, I’m flying back to London on 25th January. Coming home at this time, albeit temporarily, was in my plans.

Leading up to heading home, I’ve been asked if I’m looking forward to it.

In truth, I am. Not because I “miss it” as such. I don’t feel I need my own space back, a wardrobe full of clothes or a currency I don’t have to do math with. I’ll enjoy having any of these things, but I still consider them as luxuries rather than necessities.

These are the 5 reasons why I’m actually looking forward to it:

Yearly Tough Guy Pilgrimage
Planning My Next Steps
Catching up with Friends and Family
Examining London Life Again but Through a Different Lens
Build up of Small but Important ‘Maintenance’ Things



Why Travelling is an Important Part of Growing up for Men

There’s a problem in today’s society for us men.

It may or may not be obvious what that is, but the repercussions compound relentlessly, causing boys to halt their mental/spiritual development in a way that can propagate for the rest of their adult lives.

What’s the impact?

To name just a few, you can say it’s contributing to a lack of ethics in today’s society, a growing number of failed or non-existent relationships and generation of men growing up with a sheer lack of necessary characteristics to fulfil their role in life.

In this post, I’ll go into:

What I think the problem in today’s society is
Why it’s important and how it causes a mental/spiritual slowdown for boys and stops them becoming “real men”
Why travelling is an important part of growing up for men and ultimately how it can go a long way to help solve the problem

Although the scope of what I discuss is in light of the perspective of a man, I’m NOT suggesting it DOESN’T apply to women NOR that every man needs to conform to this. Both are a separate topics that can be discussed elsewhere.


Jumping out of a Plane at 12,000ft

Skydiving is probably the last thing on the mind of someone who, like me, has a fear of heights. You may recall how Rock Climbing in Thailand was a real challenge for me but I was quite intrigued how by the end of the experience I felt much more comfortable.

I was keen to do more height-related activities as I travelled, so when I heard about skydiving over the mountains in Queenstown, New Zealand, I knew I had to do it.

The weather was perfect for it (you’ll see from the photos) and the experience certainly didn’t disappoint. It’s one of the top day time activities I’ve done on my trip.