Since returning to London and back to a full time job, a lot of people have asked me what I expect to do with this blog.

The blog will certainly continue and here’s an outline of what I intend to post on…

Places I visited but didn’t get a chance to post a blog on

My philosophy as I travelled was to rarely give up travel in order to write up blogs. That means, there are plenty more experiences I had on my journey that I will be writing up and sharing. 


Examining London life again but through a different lens

Through my travels, I realised just how well I knew and appreciated my home town, London. In January, I made a pledge to record the great experiences I already knew about and any new ones I uncovered along the way. With time, that set of posts should form a great alternative travel guide to London.


Travel through my annual leave

With 25 days holiday for the year, I still intend to travel amongst having a full time job. Expect plenty of posts on city breaks.


Reflections on my journey

Sometimes, experiences take time to have an effect on you. I plan to share the retrospective reflections on my journey and how that influences my everyday life going forwards.


Tips for new travellers

On my return, I had plenty of newbie travellers ask me for tips and advice for planning their own journeys. I’ll be collating the most popular tips and anything else I think is important and publishing those as blog posts. 


Site redesign has certainly grown in the last year. With more content and visitors, I will be spending time on a site redesign. Don’t worry, there won’t be any past content that disappears. Instead, I have a structure in mind that will be able to house more articles and make them more accessible.