A Brief Summary of My Understanding of Wugulun Kung Fu

So after a couple of weeks, I thought I’d blog a bit about the Wugulun Kung Fu I’ve learned and my thoughts on it. Firstly, though a mandatory disclaimer…


Climbing Mount Song

Sunday is a rest day at the school, so after heading into town in the morning and picking up a Chinese sim card, the rest of the day was free. [many thanks to Comi at the Shaolin Traveller Hostel for ushering me to the shop and being a mobile phone tariff translator].
Matthew suggested checking out Song Shan. Little did I know, that Song Shan actually meant Mount Song, which was one of the places I wanted to visit here. It’s one of the beautiful mountain ranges that you see from the Wugulun school. More importantly though, it’s the home of ChanWuYi, where Master De Jian (the ultimate master of the art and devout monk) lives. De Jian sought the home […]

The Real World From Another View

During the rest after lunch, I was lying on my bed and although it felt like I had been here a while, it was only my second full day. There’s two ways you can look at it.
1) I’m missing my life back at home2) I’ve got used to life here
I think it’s latter, because I don’t have that desire to pack my bag and do a runner. I think I’m way more relaxed and bedded in now.
Training continued with the internal techniques.