This morning I committed the cardinal sin. I was late for the morning line up. 


My excuse?

I thought the second bell was the first bell. Basically, I must have woken on the first, gone back to sleep and completely forgotten I had already woken after the second. 


Why was I so tired?

I was tormented by a kung fu mosquito all night. It was relentless, buzzing by my ear what felt like every 10 minutes. Even completely tucked under my silk liner cocoon, it buzzed by my head. Regardless of if it bit me or not, I wasn’t being let off lightly. It got to the stage I was more than willing to put my hand out and let it go to town if it meant I could just get back to sleep. If I was in a room on my own, I would have switched on the light and showed it my moves.


Why is it a cardinal sin to miss the line up?

Well, if you’re a young Chinese kid learning kung fu at any school, it means forfeits of the training kind. Thankfully for me, I was given Western leniency at the time.


How did I make it up to them?

Extra training whilst they had an afternoon off in the town.


Thankfully, other than the south, China isn’t a Malaria risk. But I dread to think what it’ll be like in the forests of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. I think I’m going to invest in a mosquito head net.