<< Blog updates should come more frequently, because I found an easy source of wifi here at the school. However, like the rest of the Chinese population, I don’t have access to Facebook >>

Since the wet weather over the weekend, it’s brightened up in Dengfeng. But not just the weather, more of the techniques and teachings are coming together now.

Firstly, after I looked up numbers in Mandarin, I realised that the thing the kids were shouting in the morning were in fact numbers, i.e. they were doing a headcount. Knowing the numbers up to 10 is good enough for the row I’m in. I ended up surprising the guy after me in the line by shouting “Ba” (8). After “dropping him in it” and making him shout the wrong number, I think we’re still friends though.

Secondly, some success with the hot water. Until yesterday, I hadn’t had a warm shower. Instead, memories of Tough Guy were getting me through the daily cold showers. Sadly though, that’s been my fault. Call it somewhat self-inflicted pain. Understanding that the hot/cold level is inverted is a harsh lesson that I’ve learned here.

Thirdly, my washing up liquid has had some success. Not sure who from yet. A mystery washer.

Sadly though, hitting that pollen was more fatal than I thought. After my yellow T-Shirt dried, I can now see pollen stains. I’d bet I couldn’t see the stains before, because of the combination of the colour and the wetness of the T-Shirt. Without a washing machine, scrubbing out pollen is hard going. [I also don’t the usual mum’s advice at hand to find out if it’s at all possible]. So, I don’t miss home, but I miss my washing machine. I’m close to calling it a day and naming my first clothing casualty. I’ll leave it soak for a day in water and washing powder and give it one last try.

I thought I’d give the “kung fu” lessons a week or so to bed in before blogging about them. Expect something in the next couple of days…..