Last Thursday, I learned two lessons about time and chemistry.

A Lesson About Time

The battery in my watch gave up and I hadn’t realised. A bother for most, but personally causing me two types of pain…

1) The guys in the kung fu class all used the watch to know when to stop training. Holding stances for using a broken watch to know when to stop is a cruel lesson. I wasn’t popular at dinner that night.

2) It’s not like I can now order 20 batteries from eBay and have them delivered so I can replace it. I don’t think this place even has an address. So I’ll have to carry the thing till I get home.

Some might argue that I can just go to the town and get one replaced there. Unfortunately, not for Dengfeng – the town consists of shops selling mainly kung fu merchandise, fruit and mobile phones.


A Lesson About Chemistry

After trying to remove the pollen stain using the washing machine at the hostel over the weekend and again scrubbing it by hand, I hung it up to dry on the wire that sits across my window. The pollen stain just wouldn’t come out. I got over the loss of my yellow T-Shirt by concluding that it’s useful to have a T-Shirt that’s a bit messed up for treks or anything largely physical. Besides, the stains weren’t SO bad I thought. Now, I made a mistake.

Not by thinking positively about the situation, but rather the wire.

The wire usually holds a makeshift curtain. Although the wire was clean (I had the foresight to check), I forgot about my elementary chemistry….

      Wet T-Shirt = (T-Shirt + Water)
      Metal + Water = Rust
      Metal ~= Metal Wire
      Metal ~= Metal Wire
      Metal Wire + Wet T-Shirt = Rusty Wire + Rusty T-Shirt


I am now the proud owner of a rust stain across the back of my yellow T-Shirt….

Yellow tshirt wire stain