During the rest after lunch, I was lying on my bed and although it felt like I had been here a while, it was only my second full day. There’s two ways you can look at it.

1) I’m missing my life back at home
2) I’ve got used to life here

I think it’s latter, because I don’t have that desire to pack my bag and do a runner. I think I’m way more relaxed and bedded in now.

Training continued with the internal techniques.

Now, with more time spent understanding it, I can understand how these techniques are almost meditative. The breathing and fluid repetitive movements are ideal for this.

Later that evening, I left the school with Matthew to go and meet Ibo for dinner in Dengfeng. Ibo was a past student here, who actually made the transition into “real life” as he called it when Matthew was previously at the school. Ibo is best described as a happy guy, with a big heart, wanting to please and answer anything that you request from him. I’m told he lived here for 4 years, practising ChanWuYi daily. One of his talents was also his English skills, being the chief translator for the school.

We went to a “hot pot” restaurant, which was basically your equivalent of an all you can eat conveyor belt sushi restaurant, except you were each given a controllable hot plate, bowl of boiling water and access to a conveyor belt of fresh ingredients to chuck in. Probably the healthiest meal you can have (if you don’t go for all the spices and sauces available).

Ibo no longer lived at the school. His reasons for leaving were that he needed to step into the “real world” and earn an income to support a family. He hadn’t done a full-time profession job before then. He spoke about how he noticed people slouching at their desks and working without breaks. He described how when he got stressed, he would step out for an hour and practise ChanWuYi (although at first, he found it difficult to do this in the work environment). 

The funny thing about the conversation with him, was that this was a guy coming from the complete opposite as me. All he had known was the life I am about to lead during my travels. He said that often students would ask him “what should I do to relieve tension in X or to deal with Y stress”. Funnily enough, he used to answer “I’m not sure, because I’ve not experienced it”, which is funny when you think about it. Overall, his goal is to lead this professional life to the full, then find a happy medium. 

What he was describing was the “real world” from another view.


Having missed the dinner at school, I came back bearing a gift of a clean sponge and washing up liquid for the school sink.