mount song

A Bit About Wugulun School and My Progress

I thought I’d write a bit about the Wugulun school, the training and the progress I think I’ve made after a week.

Where is the school?
The school is about 5km outside the town of Dengfeng, half way between Dengfeng and the Shaolin Temple. It’s part of a rural/farming area with a million dollar view (above) of the mountains in the area. Dengfeng is the nearest town to the Shaolin Temple littered with countless martial arts schools.

What’s a typical day at the school?
At 05:30 we have an hour of early morning training. We do it as the sun comes up. It starts by warming up doing laps of the grounds outside the school building followed by breathing exercises. The breathing exercises make up the majority of the time and are the fundamentals of every training session during the day. If you concentrate enough, they’re highly meditative because you end up slowing your breathing right down and noticing every minor detail with the physical moves.


Climbing Mount Song

Sunday is a rest day at the school, so after heading into town in the morning and picking up a Chinese sim card, the rest of the day was free. [many thanks to Comi at the Shaolin Traveller Hostel for ushering me to the shop and being a mobile phone tariff translator].
Matthew suggested checking out Song Shan. Little did I know, that Song Shan actually meant Mount Song, which was one of the places I wanted to visit here. It’s one of the beautiful mountain ranges that you see from the Wugulun school. More importantly though, it’s the home of ChanWuYi, where Master De Jian (the ultimate master of the art and devout monk) lives. De Jian sought the home […]