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    Why a Run Through London at Night is the Best Way to See the Famous Landmarks

Why a Run Through London at Night is the Best Way to See the Famous Landmarks

You can probably tell from many of the other blogs on, that I’m a big fan of health, fitness and running in particular. One of the things I missed the most when I was travelling, was my regular evening run through London. Simply put, London is most beautiful at night and the best way to see all the famous landmarks at the perfect time is with a run.
It’s an alternative way to see London in all its beauty, it’s free, it doesn’t matter the weather and it’s a bound to be a memorable experience.

Barefoot Half Marathon

After getting a massive blister from basketball on Wednesday, I spent Thursday inside whilst the other students trained kung fu. The wound closure strips I thankfully packed in my first aid kit did their best to hold the leftover skin in place, keeping the wound from reopening but letting the open skin get enough air to heal. I felt it was hit and miss whether it would be ready in time for my Saturday run though – my shot at my running target before I left the school.
I figured the best way to swing the balance in favour of running was putting together a new running playlist. Music has always been the ultimate motivator for me to do anything. A combination of songs from Rocky I, Rocky IV, grimy hip hop and anything else that would make me run faster were thrown together in the playlist. In my mind, I was going to at least give it a shot. On Friday, I tested the foot out with a light jog and light kung fu training. It felt good enough to hold, so Saturday I attempted to run my half marathon. […]