Volunteering at La Senda Verde Wild Animal Refuge

Last year, I had spent an enthralling week volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. So, during my brief stop off in London in January, I spent more time researching volunteer schemes in South America than any other travel planning task. Funnily enough, even with all that time spent, I hadn’t come across La Senda Verde. Instead, it was a tip off from another traveller who had heard from another traveller about the animal refuge, that gave me the pointer I needed.
After a read through the wealth of information on their web site, I dropped Vicky (one of the owners) an email and a week later I was walking across the beautiful bridge entrance into the eco reserve. As a volunteer, I would be spending two weeks caring for wild animals ranging from tropical birds, tree-climbing bears, astoundingly smart monkeys and head butting tortoises. […]

Choosing A Volunteer Scheme

I wanted to spend some of my travel time volunteering. For me, it was a chance to “give” to a noble cause, gain a deeper travel experience (not just beach hopping) and to be a responsible traveler. Typically, the volunteer schemes can be split into one of Animals, Teaching, Community.

Being an animal loving vegetarian, it was clear that my preference was for an animal related scheme. I decided upon one called the Elephant Nature Park. which I’ve booked for one week starting 5th November.